Project -
Launch Intention #1
Eden, UT
November 2014
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A causal conversation sparked a notion...

An idea that aligned with an intuitive curiosity, turned desire that drove me past personal barriers and physical obsticals.

In 2014, I made my friend a one foot metal framed outline of a paper airplane

for his birthday. There was no rhyme or reason for the shape. We started talking about the piece and he simply stated "it would be cool to make a big one..."


This idea struck me. It consumed me. I started dreaming about it. Realizing it. Talking about it.

This was meant to happen.

The intention was set. Barriers we broken becoming a "simple" list of tasks. New skills were acquired without thought. I was no longer in the way. It was driving itself.

With no outside assistance, human or mechanical, a 50 foot metal paper airplane was brought to life. The take away was simple. The intuitive drive met with action will lead us far past our human constraints. We must tap in.

This was my first large scale sculpture and the start of the Launch Intention project