Project -
"Reflective Dimensions"
Miami, FL
December 2015
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In 2015, for Art Basel Miami

I collaborated with my friend Tini Courtney on 3 large framed geometric pendants to hang in the courtyard of the infamous Wynwood Walls.

Each piece was finished with 24 karat gold leaf and adorned with crystals and gems.

Mirrors were incorporated throughout, reflecting the pieces themselves as well as the surrounding environment: one of the worlds most celebrated collection of graffiti and mural art.

Seeing the Wynwood Walls District evolve and grow over the years planted the seed for me to realize

the power of art and creativity in the public space,

not only for show and attraction but to be utilized for community building. I believe it is our greatest tool to move and gather people and create environments for businesses and population to thrive. i am focused on working with communities to realize these potentials and utilize the strategies in their foundational planning...